Nepal Tea brings the finest organic tea from the foothills of Mt. Kanchanjangha. We take responsibility for the entire supply process – from production to packaging and distribution – and eliminate the middlemen in between who would otherwise reap the benefits from poor farmers in Nepal.  Our goal is to –

A) Expand our social model:

We will increase our educational scholarship program to 50 additional children and distribute cows to more than 20 local farmers in the Panchthar region of Nepal, and you can help by supporting this Kickstarter campaign.

In addition, we need to provide fair prices to the farmers. This will ensure the elimination of the middlemen traders reaping benefit from these farmers. 

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B) Establish a physical location in the US

You will be helping us will create an identity for the teas from Nepal. Through our physical establishment, we will share the tea drinking culture and history of Nepal. This will enable us to have an organic certified warehouse as well. Most importantly, people will be able to come in and taste the unique teas from Nepal. The current plan is to lease a space in Downtown Jersey City, NJ (10 mins from Manhattan).


About Us

Nepal Tea was conceived in May 2016, when Nishchal came back to the US from his trip to his homeland, Nepal. He stayed on the tea farm, which his father started in 1984. After seeing the impact tea-farming had on the community – he wanted to expand on the idea and start a social venture that not only promotes organic teas from Nepal, but also enriches the lives of farmers and creates sustainable communities.

We are Nishchal Banskota and Sashreek Shrestha, two liberal arts college graduates who majored in business and are interested in social development. We are both Nepalese and see the opportunity to improve the lives of people in our homeland and put Nepal's tea on the world map.

We believe that better farming practices lead to higher quality teas that are both healthy for the consumer and provide great value. In addition, it can bring real changes – improve the economic conditions of people and create sustainable communities. With this vision, Nepal Tea is initiating and expanding its social projects.